Mission and Goals

Our Mission:

At MOCHA, we aim to empower men of color to play an active role in our health care through health education and wellness classes.

Our Goals:

Our Story

In 2010, a group of nonprofits in Springfield, Massachusetts founded MOCHA with a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The program aimed to address the poorer health and higher levels of stress that men of color in Springfield experience compared to other groups.

In the beginning, the organizers met with groups of African-American and Latino men to discuss health concerns and priorities in their communities. The men participated in creating the MOCHA logo, suggested topics for classes, and helped decide how the program should be evaluated in the future.

Today, MOCHA is run by a steering committee and permanent staff members. In addition to offering health education programs, MOCHA now partners with the University of Massachusetts Amherst to research the program’s impact on stress reduction in men of color. MOCHA participants have shown consistent improvements in both physical and mental health.